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Sleep Testing

Sleep Testing

How well rested is your sleep at night?

Everyone has an occasional bad night of sleep. But if you’re regularly unable to get the rest you need, you may have a sleep disorder. Everyone is different when it comes to how much sleep they need to function, but the recommended daily average for adults is 7 to 8 hours of sleep to feel alert and well-rested.
Whether it is a medical condition that is keeping you awake or personal obligations, the effects of sleep deprivation vary and can lead to irritability, anxiety, fatigue, loss of concentration, or more serious conditions like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.

To help you determine if you are suffering from a sleep disorder, our expert staff at Marlette Regional Hospital’s Sleep Lab can perform a variety of sleep tests for adults ages 16 and older.

Available Testing Services

Sleep study consultations and follow-up visits are provided by John Buday, MD both in-person and via SleepTM (telemedicine). To schedule a consultation with Dr. Buday, please call Specialty HealthCare Services at 989-635-4344.

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