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Your Online Health Management Tools

Marlette Regional Hospital offers our patients convenient and secure websites to help manage their health. MRH’s My Record of Health and HealthCare Support Portal lets you connect with your care providers, manage upcoming appointments, check test results as they become available, and view personal health information.

Hospital Portal

For hospital services such as laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging, emergency visits, etc., please use the My Record of Health portal by clicking below.

Family HealthCare Portal

If you are a patient at one of our five family health care offices including: Family HealthCare of Brown City, Kingston Family HealthCare, Marlette Family HealthCare, Mayville Family HealthCare, and North Branch Family HealthCare, please use the HealthCare Support Portal by clicking below.

If you have not signed up for either one of these portals, you will be offered an opportunity to sign up at your next visit to the MRH emergency room, during your in-patient admission, or visit at our family health care offices. You can also sign up the next time you pick up copies of your health record in the MRH health information management department.

Medical Emergencies and Urgent Health Matters

Marlette Regional Hospital’s health portals are meant for routine health management. You should not use these portals to send any messages requiring urgent attention, such as a medical emergency. For needs requiring immediate medical attention, please contact your primary care provider or call 9-1-1.


Medical Services

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