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Marlette Regional Hospital has embarked on a journey of excellence to move from good to great. This journey is called E3, which stands for every Patient. every Employee. every Time. 

Four employee-populated teams have been developed to facilitate us on our journey from good to great. Here are just a few examples of the wonderful things that our teams have implemented over the past year:

The four-employee populated teams work hard to ensure that great care is happening and that employees are working for an organization with a great culture!

Experience Team

The Patient Experience Team focuses on improving the patient experience by educating leaders and staff on service recovery, managing up, hallway hospitality and validation rounding.

Experience Team

The Employee Experience Team hosts sponsored team-building activities for employees, team training, “And then some” certificates, and Town Hall Meetings, which have all increased employee engagement and participation.

Steering Team

The Steering Team has implemented RN rounding with healthcare providers in the acute care setting and engaged patients in their care to make them feel informed and involved in their care.

Stakeholders Team

The Stakeholder Team implemented the “MRH Proud” program and the “2 Cents” program, and studied hospital-wide opportunities for patient care and revenue growth.

Patient Testimonials


Pat was originally hospitalized in the Upper Peninsula and wanted to be closer to his home during his rehabilitation. Pat did his research and chose the MRH Swing Bed program based on our 5-Star therapy rating. He worked extremely hard during his 2-week Swing Bed journey, dramatically improving his balance and endurance. Pat is motivated to improve his balance so that he can ride a bicycle again and he is transitioning to MRH Outpatient Therapy Services to continue to work toward this goal! 

Keep up the inspiring work, Pat! You are doing great!


Josephine sustained a fracture to her tibia from a trampoline accident. After the cast was removed, she was unable to walk or bear weight on her leg. Thanks to the pediatric therapy at Marlette Regional Hospital, Josephine is now able to walk, run, and play like other kids her age! Josephine and her family were a joy to have in the clinic. Thank you, Josephine, for always putting a smile on everyone’s face!


“My rehabilitation at Therapy Services of Marlette Regional Hospital went great! My job is very physical and I was able to regain my strength and range of motion back very quickly to me to return back to work. The staff was super and very helpful with explaining my goals and plan of care to me.”

Congratulations to you Randy on your successful rehabilitation. You did an outstanding job!


Aleaiah was seen at MRH’s wound clinic after sustaining a burn to her hand earlier this year. Wound care physician Dr. Albers referred her to occupational therapy for treatment. Aleaiah enjoyed crafts and games used as part of her therapy; she quickly made progress and is exceeding her goals with the help of the wonderful wound specialist and therapy staff. 

She has been a joy to work with in the outpatient clinic and we have enjoyed seeing her smiling face. Thank you Aleaiah for letting us be part of your progress!


It’s no secret that Jonathan feels passionate about his hometown hospital in Marlette. In time of frustration, confusion and shock, Jonathan knew no matter what kind of care he needed, he was in good hands and trusted Marlette Regional Hospital to bring him home to his family.

“When I was admitted late Sunday night, I could have been transferred anywhere, but I knew that I would not have received the same kind of care with the same kind of support that I have received from Marlette Regional Hospital. The wonderful nurses and doctors have gone above and beyond to make sure I feel right at home. If it wasn’t for the staff at Marlette Regional Hospital, I wouldn’t be alive today.”

Within a few days of Jonathan being admitted, he began to build his strength back to take on tasks that had never been challenging for him before. With the help from Dr. Golechha, the nursing staff and Therapy Services of MRH, Jonathan worked his way to becoming independent again.

“No one plans for something like this to happen. I knew changes needed to be made in my home in order for me to leave the hospital. I was able to sit down with Dr. Golechha and my family to establish a plan that worked best for everyone. The personalized care I received showed the staff genuinely supports me and my well-being.”

Jonathan knows of the challenges he may face moving forward but is feeling positive and thankful to be heading home. He feels assured that Marlette Regional Hospital is just minutes away, close to home, and ready to provide exceptional care when he needs it most.


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