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When it comes to specialty care, no one will handle your health like Marlette Regional Hospital!

Sometimes the care you need is beyond the expertise of your primary care provider, and in that circumstance you may be referred to a medical specialist. A medical specialist is a doctor/provider that has completed advanced educational and clinical training in a specific branch of medicine and can be considered an expert in what they do.

At Marlette Regional Hospital, we are meeting the Thumb Region’s needs by providing the medical specialists you need, close to home. And it’s convenient—your office visit and testing can be performed in the same place, alleviating the stress of commuting.

Specialty HealthCare Services
These medical specialists are available by appointment in Suites 5, 7, and 8 of Marlette Regional Hospital’s medical office building. Our friendly and knowledgeable Specialty HealthCare Services staff can help you with scheduling or help to answer questions that you may have.


Please refer to our Provider Directory linked here to view the available specialists.

Specialty HealthCare Services
2750 Main Street, Suite 5, 7 & 8, Marlette, MI

Contact Us for Medical Specialist Services
Phone: 989-635-4344
Fax: 989-635-3066


Medical Services

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