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Marlette Immunization Clinic

Marlette Regional Hospital is pleased to announce their partnership with the Sanilac County Health Department for the Marlette Immunization Clinic that is offered the first Monday of each month at Marlette Regional Hospital.

Vaccines save lives. Some diseases that once killed or severely disabled people decades ago have been completely or nearly eliminated thanks to safe and effective vaccines. Vaccines are only given to children after careful consideration and review by scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals, and it’s important that adults get their immunizations as well to prevent the spread of diseases to young children.

Most insurance plans cover recommended vaccines at no cost to the patient. For more information or questions regarding recommended immunizations by age, please contact the health department at 810-648-4098.

Online Resources
For more information about the importance of vaccines, visit the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention website www.cdc.gov.

Office Hours
First Monday monthly by appointment
2 – 6 p.m.