Billing Questions



Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. 
For more information, please call 989-635-4232.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I make my payment?
You can pay your bill by mail, at the front desk of the hospital, online by clicking the red “$ Pay Your Bill Online” button at the top of this webpage, or over the phone by calling 989-635-4042. Please write your account number on your check or include the tear-off stub that is attached to your bill.

Is it possible to make payments on my account versus paying the entire balance at once?
Yes, the number of payments and payment amount is based on your account balance. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Is there interest charged when I make payments?

Can all of my accounts be combined so I only receive one statement?
No, our current computer system does not have that capability. We apologize if this causes an inconvenience.

Do I have to send separate checks for each account balance?
No, one check can be sent for all accounts. However, we please ask that you write your account numbers on the check.

Does MRH participate with my insurance?
Please contact your insurance company directly to make sure we are a participating provider. This can be done by phone or by visiting their website.

Does my insurance cover this test?
Please contact your insurance company directly to make sure the test is a covered benefit. This would be best accomplished by contacting them directly by phone.

If I am put in a room, am I an inpatient?
Not necessarily. It depends on your level of care and physician order. You may spend the night here, but not be considered an inpatient.

What if my insurance requires Quest/LabCorp/JVHL or another company to process my lab work?
You can still come to MRH or one of our family health care offices for your blood work. However, you must notify the staff member during the check-in/registration process as well as the technician that draws your blood to ensure that your testing is not processed here. We can send it out for processing to another facility.

I received a bill from Straight Imaging. Who is this company?
Any imaging procedures that are performed at Marlette Regional Hospital are read by radiologists from Straight Imaging PC. Therefore, you will be billed separately for the procedure by Marlette Regional Hospital and the reading fee by Straight Imaging.

Contact Us
If you have additional billing questions, please use the following directory for our billing department:

Facility/Hospital Services
Main Billing Department: 989-635-4042
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Billing: 989-635-4232
Commercial/Workers’ Comp/Auto Billing: 989-635-4211
Financial Assistance: 989-635-4232
Hospice Billing: 989-635-4206
Inpatient Billing: 989-635-4210
Long-Term Care Resident Billing: 989-635-4406
Medicare/Medicaid Billing: 989-635-4208

Physician Office Billing
Central Billing Office: 989-635-1858