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B.C.U.P.S. Program Donation

About B.C.U.P.S.
The B.C.U.P.S program is in place to financially assist Thumb Area residents in acquiring important screenings that can help prevent or detect breast cancer. 

What types of services are covered by the B.C.U.P.S. program?
This program covers the cost associated with an annual digital mammogram screening. An annual mammogram screening is essential for early detection of breast cancer and is especially important for younger women who have a family history of breast cancer.

This program covers the cost associated with a diagnostic mammogram, breast ultrasound, or an ultrasound-guided breast biopsy for women with an abnormal mammogram screening result if recommended.

Who qualifies for the B.C.U.P.S. program?
Patients that do not have health insurance coverage or those who are underinsured (limitations with insurance coverage, co-pays, large out-of-pocket deductible, younger than age criteria for screening, etc.) may qualify for this program.

Where are the screenings performed?
Screening mammograms and diagnostic testing services provided through the B.C.U.P.S. programs are performed at the Gordon and Gayle Miller Foundation Women’s Imaging Center at Marlette Regional Hospital.


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