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CMU Medical Student Partners with MRH Provider

Marlette Regional Hospital warmly welcomes Danielle Janowicz, Central Michigan University (CMU) College of Medicine (CMED) student to their facility and our Thumb Area communities.

This student will work in partnership with clinical physicians and staff as part of a six-month program called the Comprehensive Community Clerkship (CCC) that aims to expand upon their previous years of classroom studies. CMED has a strong desire to provide a sustainable supply of highly-trained physicians to underserved regions of Michigan and the Midwest.

Danielle Janowicz of Kalamazoo, MI will work in partnership with Dr. Mark Boules in Marlette serving patients’ family healthcare needs. Danielle completed her undergraduate studies at Kalamazoo College and earned a double major in chemistry and Spanish. Her interests include painting, working out, and spending time with her cat, Styx.

Danielle will work in partnership with Marlette Regional Hospital through July. We look forward to helping Danielle gain real-world experience with hands-on patient care. Please join us in welcoming Danielle to our communities.


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