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Marlette Regional Hospital Receives 100 Google Reviews

Marlette Regional Hospital (MRH) recently received its 100th Google Review! At MRH it is our mission to continuously improve the quality of health in the communities we serve. With that being said, our patients have been helping us by posting a star review and comment on the Marlette Regional Hospital Google Business page. Our purpose is to encourage patients, visitors and employees to star rate and review their experience using our services at MRH. These rating will strengthen our online presence, qualify our reputation, increase brand awareness, help us improve and move us up in the ranking on search engines and ultimately brings more people through our doors using our services.

Patient, mother, and Marlette community member Madelyn Huffman recently left Marlette Regional Hospital’s 100th Google review with a 5-star rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and commenting, “A great hospital with expert care and compassion. Experiencing multiple departments recently (ER, Lab, Imaging, Acute & Surgery), I feel the staff at Marlette Regional Hospital give expert care, are great at explaining things and at providing great care and showing compassion. Would definitely recommend.” When Madelyn, began feeling a sharp pain in her abdomen, she thought it was a temporary feeling but still decided to get checked out. She knew her hometown hospital would provide exceptional care with compassionate staff by her side every step of the way. Most often, emergencies happen at the worst time. But Madelyn explained, “I want people to know that our hospital here in Marlette is a great place to go when you have health concerns. It’s close to home and convenient for many, instead of having to travel an hour or more to other (“bigger”) hospitals. My care at MRH with appendicitis allowed me and my husband to remain close to home during my hospital stay, and with two little ones it was so nice.” Recently, Madelyn stopped by Marlette Regional Hospital with her two children to thank the staff for listening, caring, and providing exceptional care when she needed it most. Thank you Madelyn and the many other patients, visitors, and community members who have helped us reach 100 reviews!

To tell us about your experience at Marlette Regional Hospital you can leave a google review by:

  • Open your internet browser.
  •  In the Google “Search” box, type in “Marlette Regional Hospital” with spaces:
  • On a desktop computer, a box will populate on the right side of the screen for the business.
  • Scroll down under “Reviews,” click on “Write a Review.”
  • On a mobile device, the business listing should populate as the first listing.
  • Click the “Reviews” tab.
  • Sign into your Google account or create a new one. Use your current email address.
  •  Select your star rating (1- worst, 5- best).
  • Feel free to share details in the comment box i.e. department name, staff name, and describe your experience.
  • Click “Post.” Your review should be posted within 48 hours.

For more information, please call 989-635-4012 or visit marletteregionalhospital.org.


Visitor Restrictions for all MRH-Owned Facilities

We are updating our Visitor Restrictions to the following:

o Emergency Department –
▪ One designated visitor that must remain in the ED the whole time, once the visitor leaves, they will not be permitted to return until the patient is discharged.
▪ Pediatric patients under the age of 17, two healthy parents that must remain at the bedside.
▪ Extenuating circumstances such as critical care, possible end-of-life-state, will be handled case-by-case.
▪ Patients presenting with COVID symptoms-No visitors until the COVID test comes back negative. If it comes back positive the patient will continue to have no visitors.

o Surgical Services – one bed-side visitor that must remain in the patient’s room
▪ Pediatric patients under the age of 17 in any setting are allowed two parents/relatives to be present
o Inpatient, Observation, Swing Bed Patients –
▪ Two visitors per patient at a time that must stay in the patients room the whole time.
▪ Visitors ages 13 – 17 must be accompanied by an adult.
▪ Patients admitted that are COVID positive, No visitors in the COVID rooms.
▪ Extenuating circumstances such as critical care, possible end-of-life-state, will be handled case-by-case.

o Long-Term Care (LTC) – please contact the LTC at 989-635-4400o Hospice – Visitation shall be accommodated, please check in at the Hospice Residence Nurses Station.

o Outpatient Testing – only the patient, unless the patient is under the age of 17, then a parent may accompany
▪ Unless extenuating circumstances require a visitor to be present

o Outpatient Procedure with Sedation – one bed-side visitor that must remain in the patient’s room
▪ Pediatric patients under the age of 17 in any setting are allowed two parents/relatives to be present

o Physician Office Appointments – one visitor accompanying the patient
• ALL allowed visitors must pass health screening prior to visit and are required to wear a mask at all times for the duration of their visit. Visitors that fail to follow this requirement will be asked to leave.
• Visitor accommodations shall be flexible in all care settings for patients with physical or mental disabilities of any kind, including patients who are deaf, hard of hearing and / or blind.
• If more visitors present than are allowed to visit, the excess visitors will be asked to remain in their vehicle.
• All visitors will be required to socially distance themselves from the patient, other visitors and all staff.
We will continue to closely monitor COVID-19 activity in our area along with the surrounding communities and updating patient visitation accordingly and / or as allowed by state and federal regulations.

6.13.2022 @ 12:00 pm
2770 Main Street | Marlette, MI 48453 | 989-635-4000 | marletteregionalhospital.org