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Marlette Regional Hospital Employee Appreciation Week ~ In recognition of 440+ MRH employees, we are pleased to announce that Employee Appreciation week took place February 28th – March 4th. Throughout the week gratitude and thanks were extended to all dedicated employees who contribute to making the hospital and healthcare exceptional. At MRH, every employee plays an important role that makes our hospital whole to promote the vision to build lifelong relationships that promote healthier, more productive lives and lifestyles.

Throughout the week, members of the Employee Experience Team worked hard to provide all employees with special recognition by supplying a variety of special treats that included; pancakes & sausage, popcorn, Beagio’s pizza, cookies, and lattes & donuts. On Tuesday, March 1st, we celebrated awardees who were recognized virtually for Years of Service; 3 Years of Service, 5 Years of Service, 10 Years of Service, 15 Years of Service, 20 Years of Service, 25 Years of Service, 30 Years of Service, 40 Years of Service, Retirees, and lastly, “And Then Some” Recipients. This year’s group of Service Awardees totaled over 600 years of service at Marlette Regional Hospital.

Individuals who received an award were honored for their impressive contribution and excellence to move the organization’s culture and customer service from good to great. This journey is called ∑3, which stands for ∑very Patient. ∑very Employee. ∑very Time. Currently, MRH is looking for dynamic individuals to embark on the ∑3 Journey. 

Marlette Regional Hospital values every employee and the contributions that have been made to the organization. Please join us in thanking 450+ employees and retirees by expressing your thanks within the community. For more information about Employee appreciation week or joining the Marlette Regional Hospital team, please call 989-635-1863.


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