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Patient Testimonial – “Marlette Regional Hospital Saved My Life” ~ It’s no secret that Jon Keys feels passionate about his hometown hospital in Marlette. In time of frustration, confusion and shock, Jon knew no matter what kind of care he needed, he was in good hands and trusted Marlette Regional Hospital to bring him home to his family.

“When I was admitted late Sunday night, I could have been transferred anywhere, but I knew that I would not have received the same kind of care with the same kind of support that I have received from Marlette Regional Hospital. The wonderful nurses and doctors have gone above and beyond to make sure I feel right at home. If it wasn’t for the staff at Marlette Regional Hospital, I wouldn’t be alive today.”

Within a few days of Jon being admitted, he began to build his strength back to take on tasks that had never been challenging for him before. With the help from Dr. Golechha, the nursing staff and Therapy Services of MRH, Jon worked his way to becoming independent again.

“No one plans for something like this to happen. I knew changes needed to be made in my home in order for me to leave the hospital. I was able to sit down with Dr. Golechha and my family to establish a plan that worked best for everyone. The personalized care I received showed the staff genuinely supports me and my well-being.”

Jon knows of the challenges he may face moving forward but is feeling positive and thankful to be heading home. He feels assured that Marlette Regional Hospital is just minutes away, close to home, and ready to provide exceptional care when he needs it most.

Photos : After spending 29 days at MRH Jon is returning home. He has appreciated the support of family, friends and MRH staff who have become friends along the way! He could not say enough about his experience as he prepared to return home, “MRH saved my life!” Pictured Jon Keys.


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