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Marlette Couples Celebrate 70 Years of Marriage ~ Marlette Regional Hospital extends a sincere congratulations to couples, Harold and Patricia Joseph and Walt and Delia Rayl as they recently celebrated 70 years of marriage. The longtime friends were both married in June of 1951. Due to Health concerns, Harold is currently living at Hannah Wolfe while Patricia is staying in LTC at MRH. Walt is currently living at Hannah Wolfe while Delia is staying at LTC at MRH.  Living in separate facilities can be challenging, but both couples were able to safely celebrate the incredible milestone together and believes the key to a lasting marriage is to: grow together, never go to bed mad, and say I love you.

Walt and Delia were married in June of 1951. They have 4 children, 31 grandchildren, 63 great grandchildren and 30 great-great grandchildren. “Not often do children get to help their parents celebrate 70 years of marriage! God has blessed them with a lifetime of hard work on the farm, joys, disappointments, health issues, love, heartaches, and many blessings. Through it all, their faith in God has remained strong and their desires to serve him has been passed down through four more generations beginning with their children,” says Walt and Delia children. In celebration of their 70 years of marriage, Walt and Delia received over 70 greeting cards wishing them congratulations.

Harold and Patricia Joseph met at a roller rink in Keego Harbor when Patricia was 17 years of age. Kathy Hutchinson, daughter of Harold and Patricia says, “They did not date as our father was shipped to Alaska as he was in the Air Force during the war. They wrote letters to each other to confirm their love/relationship for one another. You see our father and mother dated through letters somewhat like today ie: online dating.  They were way ahead of their time. At this time, they fell in love and my father proposed to our Mother upon his return from Alaska.  He bought her a charming necklace and a bracelet only reading sign language of two eskimos meeting, courtship from afar, and coming together as one.” Harold and Patricia were married on June 17th, 1951 and have 8 children, 10 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren, and 2 great-great grandchildren. Harold believes the key to marriage is, “to give 75% of the time and take 25% of the time,” He’s says that his favorite part of the day is, “visiting Patricia when allowed outside of the hospital.”

Congratulations to both couples as they continue to grow their love and friendship.

Harold & Patricia Joseph (left) and, Delia & Walt Rayl (right)

Walt & Delia Rayl

Harold & Patricia Joseph