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PLEASE JOIN THE MRH #40MileWalkChallenge In May & Support American Cancer Research by Purchasing a T-Shirt

PLEASE JOIN THE MRH 40 Mile Walk Challenge In May & Support American Cancer Research by Purchasing a T-Shirt

The MRH WellTeam and MRH Foundation Community Relations Committee invite and encourage individuals to get out in the sunshine 🌞 and walk 👟 👟 👟 for a purpose!   Please join our #40MileWalkChallenge for the month of 🌷🌷 May.

This is your opportunity to ☑ clear your mind, ☑ challenge yourself, ☑ support cancer awareness and ☑ contribute to the American Cancer Society Research by purchasing a really cool t-shirt.

Sign up NOW by printing/completing the form and return with your payment.

Download: Walking Challenge Form

Please return a.s.a.p. to Barb Peake at MRH E. Campus building location in our lobby DROP BOX or mail to MRH Foundation, 2770 Main Street, Marlette, MI 48453 by the deadline: April 30th.

Optional: You can also choose to participate in our MRH 40 Mile Walk Challenge Facebook Group page  where you can share updates, photos, cancer story and to encourage others.  Please provide your email address to receive an invite to the page.

Each t-shirt purchased will provide a donation of $6 to the American Cancer Society Research fund. We all know someone who has benefited from this important research and fight against cancer. We hope to raise $500 or more for this great cause!


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