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Drumroll for Marlette Regional Hospital Employees Donation to Long Term Care ~  Marlette Regional Hospital (MRH) Patient Financial Services department set their goal for 2020-2021 to collectively give and fulfill a need of an individual or a group each month. Together they search for opportunities to be a blessing to others each month.

In February, they discovered a video of elderly residents engaging in a drumming class using exercise balls, baskets, and drum sticks and agreed it would be an awesome activity for MRH Long Term Care (LTC) residents. Carol Roberts, LTC Activity Coordinator was excited about this new activity for the residents but knew that they would need donated funds to purchase the items. The MRH Patient Financial Services department staff was pleased and excited to purchase 12 balls, 12 baskets, and 12 sets of drumsticks needed for this activity.

Look for an upcoming Facebook post showing these items in use by our MRH Long Term Care residents.

Pictured with donated items is Carol Roberts, LTC Activities Coordinator, Jessica Stewart, Michelle Russell, and Sarah Kinel from Patient Financial Services.