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Marlette Regional Hospital is pleased to be working with Kendra IT ~ The Marlette Regional Hospital IT Department is pleased to be working with Kendra IT and his staff to assist with Network Technical Operations by streamlining technical efficiencies, with a focus on fiscal responsibility.

Staff of Kendra IT support team is typically on-site at MRH at least once a week. They are also available on an as-needed basis and to assist with specific projects. The main Network Operations Center of Kendra IT is located in Sandusky. They stand-by to actively monitor the status of the MRH network infrastructure and key performance metrics of mission-critical servers. “We appreciate having expert IT support provided by a local area business.”, Andrew Huffman, MRH Director of Support Services.

“We are very thankful for the opportunity to assist our front-line workers and the whole MRH technology department,” says Ben Kendra, owner of Kendra IT.

For more information about services offered by Kendra IT, visit http://www.kendrait.com/ or call 989-820-6420.

Photo (left to right): Ben Kendra, Kendra IT, Penny Ruchgy, MRH IT, Adam Filkins, MRH IT     


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