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MRH Environmental Services Add New UVC Cleaning System

MRH Environmental Services Add New UVC Cleaning System ~ Marlette Regional Hospital’s Environmental Services team consistently earns high marks on our patient satisfaction surveys for the cleanliness of our facility, so we are thrilled to add a new piece of equipment that will enhance their efforts to combat the COVID-19 virus and other harmful bacteria.

Our new UVC cleaning systems device uses ultraviolet radiation to disinfect the air and nonporous surfaces and has been proven 99.999% effective at killing viruses and bacteria. This device can be easily wheeled into patient rooms or testing areas and kill viruses and bacteria particles within 20 minutes. UVC light has been used for decades in many industries and has become a resource for hospitals because it kills the spore-forming C. diff, which is a major source of hospital-acquired infections.

This technology will be used in addition to CDC recommended environmental cleaning agents.

Showcasing this new device are members of our dedicated Environmental Services team—Patti Baize, Jennifer McClatchie, Dena Bartel, Deb Chard, Larry Gerstenberger, Marianne Clemens, and Brenda Martinez.


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