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MRH Awards 2019 Nurse of the Year

MRH Awards 2019 Nurse of the Year ~ Marlette Regional Hospital (MRH) celebrated National Hospital Week and National Nurses Week this past May. As part of week-long activities that celebrated MRH staff, a special presentation was held to announce and award the MRH Nurse of the Year.

The Nurse of the Year program started in 2011 and is organized by the MRH Knight ‘n’ Gales nursing team. Michele McKenney, RN of the MRH emergency department was the recipient of the 2018 election. To be considered for the MRH Nurse of the Year, all nominees have had to demonstrate the following characteristics: provide outstanding direct patient care; have an extensive knowledge base; be a forward thinker who can anticipate problems and creatively put forth solutions; initiate change to better serve patients; work well in a team; motivate others; show cultural or generational sensitivities; and initiate change to better serve patients.

Nominated and voted on by peers, this year’s award recipient was Brittany Selleke, RN of United Hospice Service. Brittany has been in the nursing field for 4 years and has been serving patients at Marlette Regional Hospital since 2016. Prior to becoming a nurse, Brittany was a certified nurse assistant tor 10 years. As a past nurse supervisor in our acute care unit, Brittany was always happily and readily available to make beds, shower, and feed patients. In the ER, Brittany was a calm presence in the midst of chaos and always had a kind word or smile to share with others. Brittany always puts our patients’ needs first and will find a way to give the best care to patients. Recently transitioning from our acute care unit to hospice, Brittany hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back. Her personality is a perfect fit for end-of-life care. “Brittany is the very best of the best—professional, kind, caring and hard working.”

It is Brittany’s kind nature and strong work ethic that she demonstrates on a daily basis to her patients and coworkers that earned her the title of Nurse of the Year.

Brittany was presented with a beautiful engraved trophy at an employee luncheon as well as a gift certificate and voucher for an educational seminar/conference of her choice.

For more information about the Nurse of the Year Award or Marlette Regional Hospital, please call 989-635-4000 or visit www.marletteregionalhospital.org.

Photo Caption: Pictured above is Marlette Regional Hospital’s 2019 Nurse of the Year Brittany Selleke, RN (left) pictured with 2018 award recipient Michele McKenney, RN.


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