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Marlette Regional Hospital Honors Employees for Years of Service

Marlette Regional Hospital Honors Employees for Years of Service ~ Each year, Marlette Regional Hospital (MRH) hosts an Employee Appreciation Banquet to honor exceptional employees that have dedicated many hours of service to the organization. At this year’s banquet held on March 23rd in Imlay City, MRH recognized employees that have given a combined 688 years of service—a remarkable amount of service time!

Each day, MRH marvels at the wonderful care our staff provides to our patients and residents, and MRH extends its thanks to these employees for the years of service and dedication that they have given for the betterment of the organization and for the people in our communities.

Honored for three years of service were the following employees: Dr. Sarah Albers, Jamie Boyd, Danyel Bullock, Tamara Hajdo, Kimberley James, Robin Lee, Lisa Light-Abrego, Courtney Locke, Drema McClelland, Jenna Muxlow, Michelle Russell, Emily Tracy, Megan Webb, and Amanda Whitney.

Employees honored for five years of service included: Karen Anklam, Cecil Byrnes, Shelli Greschaw, Ilene Hayes, and Dr. Daniel Kulick.

Honored for ten years of service were the following employees: Michelle Bodmer, Debra Duvall, Andrea Herron, Linda Haebler, Linda Klimek, Luann Long, Trisha Ludescher, Brenda Martinez, Crystal Moralee, Julie McCracken, and Michelle Robertson.

Employees honored for fifteen years of service were: Michelle Bruman, Jacob Cargill, Annette Fromwiller, Bryan Gawlas, Mary Johnson, and Kimberly Verellen, PA-C.

Honored for twenty years of service were the following employees: Daniel Babcock, Andrea Brecht, Jennifer Burns, Donald Cameron, Doug Fox, Brenda Harneck, Debora Kiley, Jody McNary, Rebecca Vislosky, and Lisa Wilhelmsen.
Honored for twenty-five years of service were: Lane Chapin, Marty Kelly, Bonnie Pannill, Joyce Podvin, and Carol VanEtten.
Honored for thirty years of service was employee Laura Bigelow.

Honored for forty-five years of service was employee Shellie Bliss.
Retirees that were honored included Cynthia Baker, Dr. Lawrence Holen, Thomas O’Connor, Bobbi Silverthorn, Teresa Tetreau, and Michele Torrey.

For more information about Marlette Regional Hospital and career opportunities, please visit www.marletteregionalhospital.org. To view all photos from this year’s banquet, “Like” us on Facebook.

Photo: Marlette Regional Hospital recently hosted an Employee Appreciation Banquet honoring staff that have given many hours of service to the organization and to our communities. Pictured above are employees that were honored for twenty years of service (left to right), Dan Babcock, Jennifer Burns, Deb Kiley, Don Cameron, Andrea Brecht, Jody McNary, Rebecca Vislosky, Brenda Harneck, and Doug Fox.


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