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Marlette Regional Hospital Expands Inpatient Therapy Services

Marlette Regional Hospital Expands Inpatient Therapy Services ~ Marlette Regional Hospital is pleased to share that their inpatient therapy services have recently expanded with the addition of the TRAN-SIT® car transfer training unit.
TRAN-SIT® features true-to-life vehicle components like functional doors, bench seating, tilt steering wheel, pedals and wheelchair-accessible loading space. The equipment is designed to provide a safe and convenient alternative to parking lot car transfer training sessions for patients with limited mobility due to an injury, surgery or illness.

Dr. Michael Smith, PT/AT/DPT shares, “This functional car transfer training unit is a valuable addition to Marlette Regional Hospital’s already stellar inpatient therapy services as it allows for acute care and swing bed physical therapy patients to practice the necessary skill of car transfers before discharge from the hospital while also allowing occupational therapy patients to work on fine and gross motor planning/coordination skills specific to driving activities.”
Dr. Jennifer Dral, PT/DPT adds, “I am excited to keep my patients involved in the community activities important to them. This tool will allow me to more confidently train them to safely transfer in and out of a vehicle and remain on the go.”
For more information about Marlette Regional Hospital’s therapy services, please call 989-635-4350.

Dr. Jennifer Dral, PT/DPT is pictured with swing bed patient Gerald Green using the new TRAN-SIT® car transfer training unit at Marlette Regional Hospital.

Dr. Jennifer Dral, PT/DPT (left) and UofM-Flint student Jordyn Rasmussen display Marlette Regional Hospital’s new TRAN-SIT® car transfer training unit housed within Marlette Regional Hospital’s inpatient therapy services.


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