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Marlette Regional Hospital Staff Go Above & Beyond for Patients

Marlette Regional Hospital Staff Go Above & Beyond for Patients ~ Each day, Marlette Regional Hospital marvels at the wonderful care our employees provide to our patients and residents, especially the unexpected, extra things our employees do to provide excellent customer service to those we serve.
“And Then Some” is a program at Marlette Regional Hospital designed to recognize employees who commit to exceeding the expectations of those we serve. Employees are nominated by their coworkers and winners are selected each month for recognition and a monetary appreciation gift. Here are some recent recognition:

We had a patient receiving therapy services for approximately a month that had been a patient of ours in the past as well. This particular patient has had numerous ailments and procedures and had recently lost her hair in the process. Having developed a relationship with this patient over the years, Annette Boose of our therapy department recognized that this patient was embarrased about her hair loss and asked if she would accept a gift from her. Annette purchased a wig and an entire outfit for the patient to help boost this patient’s self-esteem and self-worth. Additionally, Maureen Ondrus of the therapy department purchased her makeup and helped her style the wig. This patient was so overwhelmed by their generosity that she wept while looking in the mirror at herself and proclaimed that she felt beautiful. With this simple act of kindness, they have changed this patient’s life more than any therapy session could. This is a very touching story of how our employees truly care for those we have the privilege to serve!

Our acute care nursing team recently gained a new staff member that works on a casual basis. On his second night of work, he suddenly began to feel ill, but his coworkers Sam Gierman, Deb Rhyndress, Dawn Black and Cindy Albertson were right by his side to help him feel better. Feeling like an outsider as a new employee, he was overwhelmingly surprised how kind these ladies were to the point of him sharing that he was cared for like a family member. This employee also experienced mechanical issues with his truck’s door latch. Again, these ladies rose to the occasion and provided him with WD40 for a temporary fix in addition to finding local service garages. This is another great example of kindness and exceeding expectations!


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