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Marlette Regional Hospital Staff Go Above & Beyond for Patients

Marlette Regional Hospital Staff Go Above & Beyond for Patients ~Each day, Marlette Regional Hospital marvels at the wonderful care our employees provide to our patients and residents, especially the unexpected, extra things our employees do to provide excellent customer service to those we serve.

“And Then Some” is a program at Marlette Regional Hospital designed to recognize employees who commit to exceeding the expectations of those we serve and uphold our ∑3 culture. In our ∑3 culture, ∑very patient gets excellent care, hospitality, and satisfaction delivered by ∑very employee, ∑very time they choose MRH. Employees are nominated by their coworkers and winners are selected each month for recognition and a monetary appreciation gift. Here are some recent recognitions.

This past holiday season, Lisa Light-Abrego, a nurse in our acute care unit, was talking with a swing bed patient that seemed depressed. Lisa asked the patient what her favorite Christmas memory was and the patient told Lisa how she used to love to bake peanut butter cookies around the holidays that her kids loved. Lisa asked the patient for the recipe, went home, baked the cookies, and brought them in for the patient the next time Lisa worked. This really cheered up the patient given her health status around the holidays, and she was delighted that Lisa went above and beyond to make her stay in the hospital special.

Another nurse from our acute care unit, Nick Bauer, was nominated by a patient for recognition. A patient was leaving the hospital in the evening when the power steering in her vehicle started making noises. At the conclusion of Nick’s shift, he noticed the patient was having car trouble in the parking lot and asked if he could help. In doing so, he also noticed the patient’s tire was completely flat, so Nick went home to gather his personal air compressor, returned to the hospital to fill the patient’s tire, and even lent the patient his compressor until the vehicle could be repaired. The patient regarded Nick as an “Angel” and was beyond grateful for going out of his way to help someone in need.
In our surgical services department, we had several occasions when the unit had a full schedule of patient procedures. One particular day, our surgical unit’s central supply technician, Denise Kavanaugh, learned that we had a busy schedule and took it upon herself to come in on a scheduled vacation day off to help out her team. Her team nominated her for going above and beyond for our patients and the surgical team to ensure that the day ran smoothly.

Rounding out our December recognitions, one of our patient care technicians, Kim Gierman, went above and beyond for one of our emergency room (ER) patients. A gentleman presented to our ER and needed a greater level of care, so it was recommended that he be transported via ambulance to Port Huron. The patient did not have someone that could pick him up from Port Huron, so he did not want to pursue the care he needed. Kim was working that day in our ER and felt strongly that he needed to pursue the doctor’s medical advice, so she personally offered to pick him up from Port Huron upon discharge and bring him home, and she did just that. The patient was grateful that she drove 2 hours there and back to help him.

Photo: Lisa Light-Abrego and Nick Bauer of our acute care unit were among December’s And Then Some recognitions.

Photo: Denise Kavanaugh of our surgical team was recognized for going above and beyond for the surgical team and our patients.


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