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B.C.U.P.S. Grant Fund Testimonial

B.C.U.P.S. Grant Fund Testimonial ~ Jen Pingel of Brown City, MI decided at age 40 to get her first mammogram screening. Age 40 is the recommended age to begin screening for breast cancer, and it was an instinctual decision in light of her boss and friend both getting recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Jen did not have any symptoms and neither her mother or grandmother had breast cancer, so she wasn’t aware of any increased risk that she would be subject to—she just decided to get screened. Jen’s initial mammogram looked suspicious, so she went on for further testing where a biopsy determined Jen had breast cancer. She was shocked.

As an active working mother of a young teen, Jen’s family and friends provided an immense level of support to help her through a “roller coaster of emotions,” Jen remarks, as she progressed to have a lumpectomy and radiation treatment. Thankfully, Jen’s cancer was caught early enough that it had not progressed further, and her most recent mammogram was clear.

Upon diagnosis, Jen’s mother, Robin, shared information about the B.C.U.P.S. program at Marlette Regional Hospital. B.C.U.P.S. provides grant funding to patients with breast cancer. Jen was a B.C.U.P.S. grant recipient and was able to use the monetary support however she needed it most.

Jen’s advice to other women is to put modesty and embarrassment aside and get an annual mammogram screening. As in Jen’s case, early detection is vitally important and it saved her life.


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