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Every Patient. Every Employee. Every Time.

Marlette Regional Hospital has embarked on a journey of excellence to move from good to great. This journey is called ∑3, which stands for ∑very Employee. ∑very Patient. ∑very Time.

To help us navigate this journey we have collaborated with Capstone Leadership Solutions to provide us with the education, coaching, tools, inspiration and encouragement to create excellence in patient experiences that exceed expectations, along with fostering and creating a work culture and environment of highly satisfied employees. Four employee-populated teams have been developed to facilitate our movement from good to great. These teams include:  Patient Experience, Employee Experience, Nursing Team and Clinic Experience. A Steering Team oversees the facilitation of each team’s purpose and practices that support the organization’s journey to excellence.

Our journey plan follows evidence-based nursing practices and high performance work practices that will lead to standardized practices by each employee. An individual focus on what each employee can do to change themselves will in turn change our culture, so that as a result, ∑very patient gets excellent care, hospitality, and satisfaction delivered by ∑very employee, ∑very time they choose MRH.


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