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MRH Honors Employees for Years of Service

Marlette Regional Hospital Honors Employees for Years of Service ~
Each year, Marlette Regional Hospital (MRH) hosts an Employee Appreciation Banquet to honor exceptional employees that have dedicated many hours of service to the organization. At this year’s banquet held on March 24th in Imlay City, MRH recognized employees that have given a combined 1,119 years of service—a tremendous amount of service time!

Each day, MRH marvels at the wonderful care our staff provides to our patients and residents, and MRH extends its thanks to these employees for the years of service and dedication that they have given for the betterment of the organization and for the people in our communities.

Honored for three years of service were the following employees: Patricia Baize, Kari Beth-Hinderliter, Annette Boose, Lisa Burgess, Sean Cummings, Jill Eldridge, William Engelman, Andrea Foster, Nelson George, Paul Gugel, Jennifer Hayden, Jennifer Healy, Monica Hendrickson, Justin Holsworth, William Kennedy, Tania Kernstock, Dr. Michael Kitto, Sara McCready, Michelle McRobbie, Kathleen Nierman, Rebecca Patrick, Catherine Peterson, Ryan Phillips, Rebecca Pine, Teresa Soucie, Sarah Tackes, and Dawn Zissler.
Employees honored for five years of service included: Brenda Ahlgren, Dr. Jabir Akhtar, Angela Clarkson, Jennifer Cooper, Schelly Farrell, Deanna Pagel, Cynthia Parsell, April Shafer, Gloria Sherwood, Patricia Tesner, David Tracy, Matthew Walters, and Selena Wright.
Honored for ten years of service were the following employees: Marjorie Apostolos, Arlene Chigas, Ana Daughtry, Lora Fridline, Kathryn Goddeeris, Eileen Hale, Dr. Lawrence Holen, Suzanne LePage, Mary Miller, Karen Newbegin, Michael Smith Jr., Karen Smith, Trevor Stone, and Crystal Vickery.
Employees honored for fifteen years of service were: Jeannie Christner, Bonita French, Diane Hogan, Michele McKenney, Sarah Mills, Anita Schierlinger, Galen Smith, Kathleen Wheeler, and Rita Zuhlke.

Honored for twenty years of service were the following employees: Pamela Boyne, Melissa Drillock, Hilda Hebberd, Gail Laur, Connie Lietka, Kim Reinert, and Tamra Ryan.
Honored for twenty-five years of service were: Linda Bush, Patricia Fishell, Corrine Kunz, Annette McCardle, Lisa McNary, Robin Pingel, and Sandra Plyler.
Honored for thirty years of service was employee Gail Boyne.
Honored for forty years of service were employees Nancy Mahaffy, Janis Maynard, and Katrina Pandrea Moorehead.
Retirees that were honored included: Debbra Chappel, Pamela Chase, Rick Darling, Karen Dunlap, Thomas Fulcher, Charlene Gubanche, Connie Kennedy, Karla Lyons, Dorothy Martus, Victoria Meiburg, and Sherry Peters.

For more information about Marlette Regional Hospital and career opportunities, please visit www.marletteregionalhospital.org. To view all photos from this year’s banquet, “Like” us on Facebook.

Pictured above are employees that were honored for forty years of service (left to right): Katrina Pandrea Moorehead, Janis Maynard, and Nancy Mahaffy.

Pictured above are 2017 retirees that were honored for a combined 233 years of service (left to right): Sherry Peters, Victoria Meiburg, Karla Lyons, Rick Darling, Charlene Gubanche, Connie Kennedy, and Pamela Chase. Not pictured: Karen Dunlap, Thomas Fulcher, and Dorothy Martus.


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