Thumb Area Partnerships

An Affiliate of United Healthcare Partners
The fall of 2013 marked the official commencement of the affiliation between Marlette Regional Hospital and McKenzie Health System of Sandusky, MI. The affiliation was established by creating a parent corporation called United Healthcare Partners and Marlette Regional Hospital and McKenzie Health System became subsidiary corporations under United Healthcare Partners. Each hospital retains its autonomy in regards to finances, medical staff, and employment-related issues. As affiliates, we share a common Board of Trustees comprised of board members with equal representation from both hospitals.

The affiliation accomplishes three primary objectives to maintain control over how health care is delivered in our communities:

    • Decreasing costs by reducing duplicated services and
      by leveraging market presence to gain better pricing.
    • Maintaining and expanding health care services.
    • Preserving local control of health care delivery.

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Caring Heart Health Clinic
The Caring Heart Health Clinic, located in Suite 4 of Marlette Regional Hospital, serves as a local provider of health services for uninsured adult patients that are residents of Sanilac County.  The clinic operates twice per month and is run by an exceptional group of volunteers and health professionals, some of which are primary care providers from Marlette Regional Hospital and McKenzie Health System. Thanks to this partnership, we are removing financial barriers for low income families to receive health care services.
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Kohler Oil & Propane Company
Since 2007, Kohler Oil & Propane Company of Brown City, MI has partnered with Marlette Regional Hospital to support women’s health in the Thumb Region. Serving as the founding member and contributor to the B.C.U.P.S. (Breast Cancer Understanding, Prevention and Screenings) program at Marlette Regional Hospital, Kohler donates a portion of their propane gas sales to fund mammogram screenings for patients with limited financial means. Through B.C.U.P.S., it is our hope to provide education and resources to lessen the prevalence of breast cancer in the Thumb Region. For more information about free mammogram screenings and additional testing services, click here.
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P.C.U.P.S. Foundation
In 2011, Sandusky, MI alumni Tom Albrecht approached Marlette Regional Hospital about combining efforts to raise funds and create a higher awareness in the fight against prostate cancer. From this meeting, the P.C.U.P.S program was created. P.C.U.P.S. stands for Prostate Cancer Understanding, Prevention and Screenings. Shortly thereafter, a fundraising event called Hunting for Health was introduced to the Thumb Area, and since its inception in 2012, over $80,000 has been raised to provide free prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screenings to men in our communities. Today, due to its immense growth, P.C.U.P.S. is functioning as its own Foundation and continues to support men’s health and wellness throughout the State of Michigan. For more information about free PSA screenings and additional testing services, please visit their website.
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Thumb MRI Center
Thumb MRI located in Cass City, MI is Marlette Regional Hospital’s local partner for MRI services. In fact, Marlette Regional Hospital and five additional Thumb Area hospitals jointly own Thumb MRI. Thanks to this partnership with these area hospitals and Thumb MRI, our patients benefit from having this high-tech service available, close to home.
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