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Diabetes Self-Management Training Program

Diabetic patients can feel confident in choosing Marlette Regional Hospital’s diabetes training program for their health care needs. Our educators will help inspire and empower patients to make healthy behavioral changes, guiding and assisting patients to feel more confident in managing their diabetes. This program is state and nationally certified.

When Are You Eligible for Diabetes Education Services?
Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes, your primary care provider may refer you to consult with a diabetes educator to help manage your condition. A diabetes educator will help patients: make sense of diabetes care, understand blood glucose patterns, with meal planning, determine patient-specific changes that will allow them to gain better control of managing their condition, and feel confident in their ability to provide self-care.

Education Services
Marlette Regional Hospital offers a comprehensive, 10-hour diabetes self-management training program in Marlette that can be completed at any time following a referral from a primary care provider. After completion of the program, Marlette Regional Hospital offers annual continuing education classes to ensure that patients are provided with the knowledge and tools to stay on track. Convenient classes are available in the morning, afternoon, evening, and select Saturdays.

Online Resources
For more information about living with diabetes, visit the American Diabetes Association website www.diabetes.org.

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Program Coordinator/Educator: Melanie Campbell, RN, CDE
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