Grief & Bereavement



What is Bereavement?
Bereavement refers to the time following the death or a loved one that is filled with a unique mix of feelings, reactions and struggles experienced by all who are grieving. The experience of grief is both personal and universal. Responses vary from brief acknowledgment to lives that are forever changed.

Who Would Benefit from Bereavement Support?
Our bereavement services are for any person who has suffered a loss through death and is offered to anyone who can benefit. (Hospice enrollment is not necessary to receive our bereavement services.) United Hospice Services bereavement program is an extension of the total care provided to hospice families and the community.

Is There a Cost for These Services?
There is no cost for bereavement services, which include:

  • Support and counseling services. Our social worker, specially trained in the area of bereavement, will provide individual support sessions as needed.
  • Monthly mailings. At your request, a 13-month series of mailings regarding your grief and loss issues will be sent to you.
  • Grief support groups. Each support group is facilitated by a trained bereavement volunteer. The focus of group support is to identify ways to process a loss through discussion, sharing and information.
  • Lunch or dinner social support groups. This is an informal, social support outing for single people who have lost a loved one through death. It provides an opportunity to make new friends and enjoy good conversation in a supported setting. Groups meet for about an hour. You pay for your meal.

If you would like bereavement support, contact United Hospice Service at the number below and ask for the bereavement coordinator. Our bereavement specialist will conduct an assessment to determine your particular needs.

Memory Bears and Pillows & “Lasting Memories” DVD
As an extension of the care services provided to our United Hospice Service families, we are pleased to offer one memory bear or pillow and one “Lasting Memories” DVD at no cost to serve as a lasting tribute to your loved one. These projects are made possible thanks to generous donations and our talented volunteers.

Contact Us
Ask for the Bereavement Coordinator
Phone: 800-635-7490